2023 3rd International Conference on Industrial Manufacturing and Structural Materials
Welcome Prof. Wei Jiang, Dalian University of Technology, China Invited as Technology Program Committee of IMSM 2023



Prof. Wei Jiang, Dalian University of Technology, China



Dr. Wei Jiang is a professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Mechanical Engineering at Dalian University of Technology. Her research activities mainly relate to analysis and optimization of product design and manufacturing processes, as well as fracture and fatigue analysis of design and/or manufacturing induced failure in mechanical products. Her research area include laser repairing technology, welding simulation, additive manufacturing, strength, fracture and fatigue analysis. She has undertaken or supervised more than 20 engineering studies and projects, funded either by industry or academia. Dr. Wei Jiang has published more than 100 refereed papers, with some of them published in the Transactions of the ASME. She has been granted more than 10 patents.