2022 2nd International Conference on Industrial Manufacturing and Structural Materials(IMSM 2022)

Call for paper

The 2022 2nd International Conference on Industrial Manufacturing and Structural Materials(IMSM 2022) serves as good platforms for academics, researchers, and engineers to meet and exchange innovative ideas and information  industrial manufacturing and structural materials. We are delighted to invite you to participate in IMSM 2022.

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

A. Industrial Manufacturing Technology | 工业制造技术

Intelligent   manufacturing technology智能制造技术
Computer integrated manufacturing system计算机集成制造系统
Advanced control and Optimization   Technology先进控制和优化技术
Applications of AI Techniques in   Manufacturing人工智能技术在设计和制造中的应用
Measure Control Technologies and   Intelligent Systems测控技术与智能系统
New Sensing Technology新型传感技术
Precision Manufacturing Technology精密制造技术
Advanced Manufacturing Technology先进制造生产模式
Virtual   Manufacturing and Network Manufacturing虚拟制造和网络制造
Quality Monitoring and Control of the   Manufacturing Process制造过程的质量监控
Micro-Electronic Packaging Technology   and Equipment微电子封装技术与设备
Industrial robots and automatic   production line工业机器人和自动生产线
Advanced NC Techniques and Equipment先进的数控技术和设备
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B. Structural Materials | 结构材料

High performance   metal structural materials高性能金属结构材料
Lightweight   and high strength structural materials轻质高强度结构材料
High   temperature and ultra high temperature structural materials高温和超高温结构材料
Structural   intermetallic compounds结构金属间化合物
Functional   intermetallic compounds功能性金属间化合物
New inorganic   nonmetal materials新型无机非金属材料
High   temperature structural ceramic materials高温结构陶瓷材料
Polymer   synthetic materials聚合物合成材料
New polymer   structural materials新型高分子结构材料
Nanostructured   materials纳米结构材料
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C. Other Related Topics | 其他相关主题