2024 4th International Conference on Industrial Manufacturing and Structural Materials(IMSM 2024)
Welcome Prof. Rza Bashirov Invited as Technology Program Committee of IMSM 2023

Welcome Prof. Rza Bashirov Invited as Technology Program Committee of IMSM 2023


Prof. Rza Bashirov, Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus

Since 2010 I am a professor of Computer Science at Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta, North Cyprus, where I started my academic carrier as assistant professor in 1993.I have a long history of expertise in Parallel Processing, Interconnection Networks and Switching Theory. My most notable contribution was the proof for the Shuffle-Exchange Conjecture - a beautiful, difficult and perhaps the most famous open problem about network rearrangeability posed by Benes in the mid of sixties, which remained unsolved for almost thirty years.In the late nineties, I shifted my research focus to Petri nets with emphasis to application of this encompassing framework to technical and natural systems. Over the last 20 years my small research group has successfully applied coloured, continuous, stochastic, fuzzy and hybrid Petri nets for process modelling of wide-spectrum of problems ranging from path dependent loss and switch crosstalk reduction in optical networks to prediction of efficient drug combinations for Spinal Muscular Atrophy and optimal gene therapy targets for beta globin disorders.

I have co-authored about 40 peer reviewed journal and conference articles and book chapters. During academic service I have organized conferences and served as a member of program and organizing committees of many conferences. I am deputy editor-in-chief of Journal of Modern Technology and Engineering and a reviewer for many indexed journals on a regular basis.