2023 3rd International Conference on Industrial Manufacturing and Structural Materials
Welcome Prof. Yongkang Zhang Invited as Keynote Speaker of IMSM 2023



Prof. Yongkang Zhang,Guangdong University of Technology



Yongkang Zhang, male, born in March 1963, is a professor and doctoral supervisor of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Guangdong University of Technology He has been engaged in the research on anti fatigue manufacturing of high-end aviation and offshore equipment for a long time, and is committed to the anti fatigue design, low stress manufacturing, laser shock peening, laser forging additive manufacturing and repair of deep-sea oil drilling platforms, ultra large offshore wind power installation platforms, deep-sea crude oil transfer equipment, aero-engine/aircraft structures, etc.. He has won one first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, one second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, two gold awards of Chinese Patent and one gold award of China's Good Design, and several first prizes of provincial and ministerial science and technology awards; 9 international patents and more than 140 Chinese major invention patents were authorized. He has published 380 academic papers and 4 monographs, including 1 English monograph; Publishing 3 textbooks; He was awarded the 70th Anniversary Medal of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Special Allowance of the State Council, the Model Worker of Jiangsu Province and other honorary titles.