2023 4th International Conference on Industrial Manufacturing and Structural Materials
Welcome Prof. Yongming Wang Invited as Technology Program Committee of IMSM 2023

Welcome Prof. Yongming Wang Invited as Technology Program Committee of IMSM 2023


Prof.Yongming Wang, Anhui University of Technology


汪永明博士是安徽工业大学机械工程学院教授、安徽省战略性新兴产业技术领军人才、安徽省卓越教学名师、国家级一流本科专业建设点负责人。主要研究领域为高端装备制造、机器人、制造信息等。他是ASMEJournal of Bionic EngineeringIEEE国际会议等的审稿专家,科技部和国家自然科学基金评审专家。他先后完成国家自然科学基金项目、总武备部国防预研项目、安徽省自然科学基金项目、安徽省科研计划项目、教育部高等学校科技创新工程项目和机器人国家重点实验室基金项目、中国科学院机器人开放实验室基金项目等20余项科研项目。他申请发明专利40余项,已授权36项。获安徽省科学技术二等奖、三等奖,获马鞍山市科学技术三等奖3次。在核心期刊或国际会议上发表论文80余篇,其中被EI或ISTP收录40余篇。

Dr. Wang Yongming is a professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering of Anhui University of Technology, a leading talent in Anhui Province's strategic emerging industry technology, a Famous Teacher in Anhui Province, and the person in charge of the national first-class undergraduate program construction site. His main research fields are high-end equipment manufacturing, robotics and manufacturing informatization, etc. He is a review expert of ASME, Journal of Bionic Engineering, IEEE International Conference, and a review expert of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.. He has completed more than 20 scientific research projects including National Natural Science Foundation Project, National Defense Pre-Research Project of the Ministry of General Armed Forces, Natural Science Foundation Project of Anhui Province, Scientific Research Plan Project of Anhui Province, Science and Technology Innovation Project of Higher Education Ministry, State Key Laboratory of Robotics Foundation Project, and Robot Open Laboratory Foundation Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has applied for more than 40 invention patents and has authorized 36. He has won the second and third prizes of Science and Technology in Anhui Province and the third prizes of science and technology in Ma'anshan City for 3 times. He has published more than 80 papers in core journals or international conferences, among which more than 40 papers have been included in EI or ISTP.