2024 4th International Conference on Industrial Manufacturing and Structural Materials(IMSM 2024)
Conference Chair - Prof. Changhua Hu, Rocket Force University of Engineering, China

Conference Chair - Prof. Changhua Hu, Rocket Force University of Engineering, China


Prof. Changhua Hu, Rocket Force University of Engineering, China


He is a national level teaching master, national distinguished Young Scholar, Changjiang distinguished professor, a national outstanding scientific and technological worker, a national level candidate with millions of talents in the new era, and a young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions to the country. He is a member of the Automation Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education, Executive Director of the China Automation Society, Director of the Technical Process Fault Diagnosis and Safety Committee, and Vice Chairman of the Shaanxi Automation Society. Mainly engaged in teaching and research work in equipment automatic testing, fault diagnosis, and life prediction, leading more than 60 scientific research projects such as outstanding youth and key projects funded by the Natural Science Foundation of China. He has received one second prize in the National Natural Science Award, one second prize in the National Science and Technology Progress Award, and nine first or second prizes in the provincial or ministerial level natural science and technological progress awards. He has published more than 300 papers in important journals such as IEEE TIE/TR, EJOR, MSSP, and has published 8 monographs and 3 textbooks, including one selected as a national planned textbook and the second prize of the first National Excellent Textbook.

国家杰青,长江学者特聘教授,全国优秀科技工作者,新世纪百千万人才国家级人选,教育部自动化类教学指导委员会委员,中国自动化学会常务理事、技术过程故障诊断与安全性委员会主任,陕西省自动化学会副理事长。主要从事装备自动测试、故障诊断与寿命预测等方面的教学科研工作,在IEEE TIE/TR、EJOR、MSSP等领域内重要期刊发表论文300余篇,出版专著8部、教材3部,一部入选国家规划教材、首届国家优秀教材二等奖。