2024 4th International Conference on Industrial Manufacturing and Structural Materials(IMSM 2024)
Welcome Prof. Shangwen He, Zhengzhou University, China Invited as Technology Program Committee of IMSM 2023

Welcome Prof. Shangwen He, Zhengzhou University, China Invited as Technology Program Committee of IMSM 2023


Prof. Shangwen He, Zhengzhou University, China


何尚文,男,郑州大学力学与安全工程学院党委委员,力学系党支部书记; 郑州大学直聘教授,博士生导师,河南省教育厅学术技术带头人。主要研究方向为:干摩擦减振、振动能量收集。主持国家级纵向项目3项,其中国防科技创新特区项目2项,国家自然科学基金青年项目1项;主持河南省科技攻关项目、河南省高等学校重点科研项目各1项;主持郑州大学青年骨干教师项目1项;以主要技术负责人负责航空推进技术验证计划项目(APTD)1项。在国内外重要学术期刊发表论文30余篇,其中SCI/EI检索20篇;以第一发明人授权实用新型专利3项,软件著作登记6项。学术兼职:国家自然科学基金函评专家,教育部学位平台博士论文评审专家,陕西省振动工程学会常务理事。

  He Shangwen, male, member of the Party Committee of the School of Mechanics and Safety Engineering of Zhengzhou University, and secretary of the Party branch of the Department of Mechanics; direct-appointed professor of Zhengzhou University, doctoral supervisor, and academic and technical leader of Henan Provincial Department of Education.

  The main research aeras include dry friction damper design and vibration energy harvest. He has presided 3 national-level projects including 2 national defense science and technology innovation special zones projects and 1 youth project of National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has also presided 1 scientific and technological research project of Henan Province, 1 key scientific research project of Henan Higher Education Institutions and 1 project of young backbone teachers of Zhengzhou University. Meanwhile, as the main technical director, he was responsible for one project of the aviation propulsion technology verification plan (APTD). In addition, he has published more than 30 papers in important academic journals at home and abroad, including 20 papers retrieved by SCI/EI. Meanwhile, as the first inventor, 3 utility model patents and 6 software works have been authorized.

  Academic part-time job: peer expert for project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, expert in review of doctoral dissertation of the degree platform of the Ministry of Education, and executive director of Shaanxi Vibration Engineering Society.